Hua Hin

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the oldest and most traditional resorts of Thailand. Touted as one of the most popular holiday destination of Thailand, this gorgeous place is favorite both among the foreign tourists and the locals. It has a 5 kms long gorgeous beach, perfectly decorated with one of the most serene surroundings that make this place a paradise in itself. This popular sea side resort is the epitome of royalty and majesty. It radiates charm and magic as no other place in this country does. Just about 2 and a half hour drive from the capital city of Bangkok, this once a quite peaceful village later became one of the favourite holiday destination of the royal family and the upper class of Thailand. The presence of a royal palace out here is testimony of how favourite this place is to the royal family. You will also find numerous world class golf courses in this place, which further testifies the eliteness of this place.

As you take a Hua Hin tour you will be exposed to a world of fascinating beauty and royalty that you have never experienced before. The beach, the caves, the waterfall, the golf courses, the silent roads and the fantastic restaurants provides you ample opportunities to enjoy every bit of your stay here. Some of the popular attractions for sightseeing out here are the railway station which was built during the reign of King Rama VI, the awesome Khao Takiap beach, the Hat Wanakon National Park, the Hat Khao Tao beach, Namtok Pa La-u national park, Tham Phraya Nakhon and many more other places. You can go for swimming, diving, snorkelling, hiking, bird watching, shopping etc. But more than that you need to soak in the simplicity and tranquillity of this place, which lets you experience one of the best feelings that you can ever have. Being favourite to the royals, it is an epitome of royalty and you will feel nothing less than a king when you take a tour to Hua Hin.

Hua Hin has now become a second home to the rich and elites of Thailand. This small and quite seaside resort is far away from the commotion and tensions of modern city life. In its calm and elegant surroundings, this resort provides the peace and relief that no amount of money can buy. One can choose from a range of transport options to get there. You can either fly or take a train, bus or a car to reach here. It is about 200 kms from Bangkok and flights can be charted. Buses are available every 30 minutes and it takes about 3 hours to reach. Private cars and taxis can also be hired. This place experiences three seasons a year, summers from March to June, monsoon from July to October and winters from November to February. You can take a Hua Hin tour any time of the year but it is best to go there during the winters at weather …

Top 10 places to visit in Thailand

Top 10 places to visit in Thailand

Thailands breathtaking beaches and lush mountains attract adventurers from around the globe. Vibrant nightlife, a rich history and amazing scenery all serve to offer the experience of a lifetime. With warm, sunny weather every day of the year, any time is a great time to visit this tropical paradise. There are so many things to do and see in Thailand, that it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Here are the top 10 places to visit that will give any traveler a complete and well-rounded portrait of this amazing country.

1. Bangkok. The capitol of Thailand is a whirl of activity and is a must see. The dazzling beauty of the Grand Palace is a sight you wont want to miss. Wat Po and Wat Arun are famous historical landmarks well worth a visit. Thailand accommodation is easy to find and often inexpensive.

2. Ayutthaya. This UNESCO world heritage site was once a large Siamese kingdom. The ruins of the temples and city are a culturally significant experience and the museums are packed with history.

3. Mae Hong Son. This northwestern province is close to the Burmese border and provides a unique atmosphere with rugged mountains and remote tribes of people untouched by time.

4. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. These natural springs are believed to have health benefits. Set in a gorgeous park on over 40 acres, they are an amazing natural resource.

5. The Floating Market. The Damneon Suduak Canal is host to hundreds of colorful market boats laden with fresh produce and other goods. Flag one down to buy a treat or take a ride down the canal and enjoy the beauty of the area.

6. Chiang Mai. If you are interested in a spiritual journey, the city of Chiang Mai will surround you with tranquility and charm. Take a guided trek into the mountains surrounding the area and await your epiphany. Thailand accommodation is varied and convenient.

7. Hin Daeng. This area is considered to have the best diving in Thailand. Many different colors of rocks and coral delight snorkelers and divers. Plenty of fish and other wildlife weave in and out of the dazzling carpet of the ocean floor.

8. Koh Samui. A laid back attitude and loads of fun await you on Koh Samui. Drop in on a full moon party at Ko Pha-Ngan or go on an island safari and take an elephant ride. The beaches here are considered some of the loveliest in Thailand.

9. Phuket. This island paradise is a prime location to indulge in snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing. Diving instruction is available. Take a walk in the forest for a change of pace from the beach. Phuket is a popular tourist destination and English is spoken by many people.

10. Railay. Railay is surrounded by natural limestone formations and is known as a rock climbers paradise. Accessible only by boat, this beautiful area gives you the feeling that you are cut off from the rest of the world. It isnt …

Newly wed Packages

Newly wed Packages

Known for its world class panorama, alien historical monuments and hospitality, Thailand is a compelling country for newly married couple to commence their journey of love. Thailand’s breathtaking adorableness is camp and unparalleled. The country pampers its visitors with love, affliction and greets them with open arms; this makes Thailand one of the ideal honeymoon destinations to bless the adventure of love and warmth. It offers some absurd sights, like bright albino beaches, deep blue water, and underwater adventures, which both of you can admire together. This beautiful destination is also considered as bliss for the vacationers.

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Thailand has a nature positive feature in awe inspiring scenery, featuring amazing blooming mountains, white sandy beaches, and sparking blue sea. Combine that with our world class accommodations, elegant dining and array of activities and you will surely experience Thailand at its greatest. We offer you Luxury, executive, standard and budget Thailand honeymoon packages which truly offers some of the sheer wonders which will overcast magical spurt on your visit to this scintillating places.…

Buddhist Temples

Buddhist Temples

Buddhism is the main religion of Thailand. About 94 to 95% of people in Thailand are Buddhist; hence it is an integral part of their culture and tradition. The Buddhists are very peaceful and spiritual people because the very principle of their religion is non violence. They live their life with utmost simplicity and spread the message of love and peace wherever they go. They are very spiritual people and elaborately express their devotion to the god, the Buddha.

They have magnificent temples which are called monasteries, where they perform various rituals and chant prayers from their religious books to connect to god and pray for peace and harmony. There are about more than 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand spread far and wide across the country. Almost every nook and corner of the country has a Buddhist temple, where people offer their prayers to their god. Some of the temples are centuries old and have high regard in the religious life of the Thais. Some temples have been destroyed in time and only their ruins remain.

The Buddhist temples in Thailand have been classified into different categories like royal temples and temples according to the region. The Royal temples have been further classified into special class, first class, second class and third class. Region wise classification includes Northern, North-eastern, Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Thailand. These temples are widely popular for their elaborate architecture, stunning murals, fascinating Buddha images and paintings and its historical and cultural significance.…

Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping is every female’s favorite activity and what if she gets a chance to shop in Asia’s arcade paradise destination “Bangkok”. It is one of the best gifts for your sweetheart on your honeymoon. Planning for a honeymoon in this mesmerizing city which is abounding with energy, affluent culture and tradition adds a new angle to your romance and make Bangkok the favorite spot for the couples.

Pattaya: Pattaya is one of the most admirable cities of Thailand acclaimed for its nightlife active with active clubs, and bars. It is a city with fun, calmness and absorbing nightlife, which adds aroma to your honeymoon tour to Thailand.

Chiang Mai: Endowed by eternal beauty of nature, Chiang Mai is an admirable place for married couples who wish to share some intimate moments together. The city boasts an amount of historical monuments and fascinating museums that can intrigue to its past. Best time to appointment this city is during January; if you both can participate in the acclaimed carnival of Chiang Mai known as Handicraft.

Apart from these there are numerous tourist destinations and attractions which truly will lure the honeymooners are its beautiful and exotic resorts which will leave the vacationers heart and soul. Thailand honeymoon, its immense beauty and the beautiful hosts will tempt the couples to visit this country gain and again.…

Bua Tong field Flower fields

If you want to feel the cold wind in field of flowers that bloom are waiting for you to experience and view ensembles of the colorful plants. I will present at Bua Tong field. Bua Tong field at Moo 6, Tambon Mae U Kho Ampur Khun Yuam along route No. 108 (Mae Hong Son Khun Yuam) and here cold weather throughout the year.

On the way to Doi Mae U Kho you will find the villagers market. Most of the villagers are Mong. Mong has career is growing cabbage and tomatoes for sale. Bua Tong field is famous natural attractions of Mae Hong Son. Featured here are Mexican Sunflower Weed. This flowers originating in Central America and West Indieswhich this plants family well as sunflower and marigold and look similar to sunflower it sometimes called forest sunflowers.

Said that the Mexican Sunflower Weed seed was planted by missionaries to spread Christianity. Mexican Sunflower Weed is yellow flowers on the high mountain. Mexican Sunflower Weed that bloom from November to December. When these a lot of flowers bloom simultaneous making the entire mountain behind is glowing yellow. You cannot resist the beautiful that have to take pictures show to your friends. The terrain is a mountain complex you can see the most beautiful scenery.

In addition you can rent tent here overnight on hill. In the area set up tents approximately 100 units. You may be lucky to watch the folk music of the ethnic groups that create fun atmosphere special. You can contact directly :Tung Bua Tong Office or contact Ampur Khun Yuam Tel 0 5369 1108 and Mae Surin national park Tel 0 5306 1073. For the trip to experience the beauty of Bua Tong field : Along highway no. 108 to highway 201 separate highway no. 1263 about 12 km and then separate way Baannanging – Baanhaoha to 14 km or If you come from Ampur Macham Chiang Mai you came along highway 1263 (Mae Macham Khun Yuam) when junction to Baannanging – Baanhaoha instance is 76 km. and then split into 14 km.…

Patang Beach

While there are probably not enough years in a lifetime to explore all the beaches in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, it is possible to gain air miles just flying from the east coast to the west coast to experience the different lifestyles and activities afforded by its beaches.

Featuring miles of white sand and warm water, Patang Beach at Phuket is a popular mecca for young adults. A scooter comes in handy since a road separates the beach area from the shops, eateries, and entertainments venues located in Jung Ceylon Mall. At strategic points along the beach, kiosks offer beer, water, and exotic juices in addition to scooter rentals. In addition to being an ideal spot for kayaking and paragliding, one activity not-to-be-skipped is taking a banana boat ride.

Less crowded and accessible only by boat, Railey Beach at Krabi offers a remote desert island atmosphere. While many guests enjoy kayaking and snorkeling, the most popular activity is rock climbing its ancient limestone formations. Qualified guides and coaches are on hand to render assistance ranging from beginner climbing lessons to offering tips to experienced climbers. There are no cars or motorized bikes permitted around this three-beach area.…

Kohn Phangan

For those in whose vocabulary party and beach are a compound word, Hat Rin, the Sunset Beach, at Koh Phangan is guaranteed to make this linguistic feat a reality. Hat Rin is often referred to as the worlds best moon party spot. Beneath the full moon, the beach becomes a party land with guests decked out in neon body paint. Whether the moon is in the full, half, Rin, or black phase, from sunset to dawn, guests enjoy the signature beverage known as Red Bull Sangson, made from coke and Thai rum.

Though heavily damaged by the 2004 tsunami, locals and guests consider Maya Bay to have benefited from the storm because its sandy beach and emerald-green water are even better than before. Scenes from The Beach film were shot in Maya Bay. At neighboring Koh Chang beach, the sand is said to be soft as talcum powder. While moving and grooving at one of many night spots, one must sample Green Curry.

On the west coast of Thailand, Bophut Beach is a shopper’s paradise. Mainly operated by French expats, boutiques feature designer items alongside shops offering traditional Thai trinkets and souvenirs. Bophut Beach is a great spot for speedboat and deep-sea diving enthusiasts.…

Intricacies of Temples

Intricacies of Temples

The intricate wood carvings, the minute paintings, the vibrant and colourful look, the elaborate decorations yet the simplicity makes it one of the most revered shrines. Every year thousands of people, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists come here to see and experience these temples from far and wide places. It is nothing less than a pilgrimage to them.

These temples play a very important role in the life of the Thais. It shapes up their religious and social life. It is their medium to connect to God and protect themselves from the misery of this world. These temples are run and maintained by monks who are highly respected in the Thai society. These monks give up the material world and surrender themselves to the service of god, living life in the simplest way and spreading the message of God. They teach us the virtues of simplicity and honesty. They show us how we can discard all the material greed and live life in the most simplest and fulfilling way.

The temples they live in spread the same message. The spiritual and sacred environment of the temples instils in us a deep sense of gratitude and devotion. The aesthetic beauty of these temples pleases our eyes, the sanctity cleanses our soul and the purity energises us to discard our sinful ways and devote ourselves to spreading the values of love and care wherever we go. The peace and harmony that you experience has no comparison and cannot be bought with any amount of money.…

Why wait until the last minute to book your ski holiday

When it comes to finding a great deal on your ski trip, your best bet is to hang on till the last minute before booking. Adventurers will be particularly attracted to this way of booking, as what better way to experience ultimate spontaneity than to wait until the final moment to book your holiday. The discounts are most likely to be at their greatest if you hold out till the last minute to book your ski trip. After all, unsold seats on planes and empty hotel rooms need to be filled, and operators will often reduce their prices in an attempt to do this. Unquestionably, the last minute strategy will appeal the most to those who are not tied down by family or work commitments which force them to book their holidays far in advance. Excellent discounts and deals are not the only rewards of booking last minute.

Acting on impulse
Youve just realised that you have some unanticipated free time, what better way to make use of this than by booking a ski trip at the drop of a hat? After all, the concept with last minute deals is that you should be able to book on the very morning or evening before you travel.

You could be on the slopes within hours!
The UKs close proximity to many of Europes best resorts like Val dIsere and Alpe dHuez means that budget ski holidays are simpler to pick up a last minute deal and be on the piste within a few hours.

Snowfall levels
Not all ski resorts are lucky enough to boast guaranteed snow, booking last minute will enable you to take a look at snow reports in the lead up to your vacation. This means that you can suss out precisely where the snow is falling at its best before picking a resort. You dont necessarily have to be acting on impulse for this to work, you can set your dates as far in advance as you want and then keep check of weather reports to see where conditions are good and match this with last minute deals.…