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   Lover's paradise houses animated cartoon Nayok.

Our happy childhood. Night to watch cartoons And today, this Happiness on kids I will come back again

Room and watch the colorful anime t make you close your eyes and imagine yourself as the protagonist of childhood imagination.

The peaceful area around the hotel is beautiful, fresh mind. Makes you not want to walk.

After several villas with full comfort.

Interior light and comfortable to use. Allow you to fully relax.

Corner you will see a cute cartoon. Dodge will make you smile with the joy of childhood.

The secrets hidden in the children. I kept wanting to tell anyone that. We have come across a new mystery.

The new resort hotel in beautiful natural highlights.
Resort style Stylish colorful For peace of mind
In Green

Place the 98 MU 11. Khao Phra. A. Muang, 26000.

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Phone 081-102-555-4

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