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   Hilton Pattaya Hotel

If you looking for a hotel the Hilton Pattaya has everything . From excellent dining , shopping . Good bars , professional lounges . Breath taking views . You dont have to leave the hotel . If you are wanting to have a look outside been situated central you can walk to local bars . The beach is opposite the hotel and you can explore all water sports. Or jump on a boat to the islands .Some examples of guests .

Come dive into the sea, vast and warm. Sea of Thailand Hilton Pattaya is currently felt in all of the areas of design, hotel guests can not. Removed from the warm embrace has started since the reception of the hotel.

Drift Lobby Lounge 16th floor with beautiful sea views of Pattaya's private island 5 island drinks and snacks. Corner sofa design in homogeneous soft touch hosp ice freezing.

Drift Lobby Lounge Pattaya sea outside the atmosphere, sun and sea ice on the heights overlooking Pattaya is ideal for meeting friends, talking picture show friends envy you the chance to play.

Evening Drift Lobby Lounge Pattaya sea. Warm in the torsion wave Interior atmosphere was magnificent place to feel relaxed.

After a delicious dinner not to walk on ice t's Drift Lobby Lounge Pattaya again because the light from the lamp is a replica of a stone at it too warm.

The most romantic night in the sofa cushions shoulder design for a rock on the surface of the water and sea Pattaya you will remember this night for a long time.

Shore Bar located on the 16th floor with panoramic sea views. Management services with impressive attention to detail. For guests only.

Shore Bar on the corner of relaxing in the Jacuzzi and panoramic sea views of Pattaya.

Shore Bar on the color of the evening, encouraging you to immerse yourself dive into entertainment. Nightlife in Pattaya

Flare Restaurant Thailand food tastes great in the 15th floor. New cook and enjoy your wine in a romantic atmosphere.

Flare Restaurant Thailand food tastes great in the 15th floor. New cook and enjoy your wine in a romantic atmosphere.

Flare Restaurant Thailand food tastes great in the 15th floor. New cook and enjoy your wine in a romantic atmosphere.

Edge buffet restaurant and ordered from the top 14 all day. Enjoy the beauty of the scenery along Pattaya beach.

Horizon restaurant and bar on the 34th floor rooftop of the hotel. View Talay Pattaya at the beautiful and highest.

Room clean Pattaya sea views, all areas of your body. Will be called upon to stop working.

Bathroom bed looking through every detail to remember.

The pleasure of staying at this level.


What to do around here

Visit one of southeast Asia's largest beachfront shopping complexes - CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, situated right by the Hilton Pattaya hotel. Browse your choice of more than 300 shops, or watch movies at the cinema theater. Learn about Thai elephants at Elephant Village – a sanctuary for former working elephants. Enjoy many activities like snorkeling, jet skiing and swimming on Koh Larn (Coral Island), off the coast of Pattaya.

Take a boat trip to browse Pattaya Floating Market. Explore the network of canals, bridges and islands and sample the range of freshly cooked Thai dishes. Savor fresh grape juice and stroll amongst the gardens at Silverlake vineyard near Pattaya. Take a ‘voyage to the bottom of the sea’ at Underwater World Pattaya.

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