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   VanaVarin Escape Resort's find peace amidst a dip.

VanaVarin Resort in Hua Hin is the only one that complements the city. With a large land area of ??over a hundred acres of unspoiled forest and large trees. In particular, the tire's size 2-3 people embrace a lot higher than 30 meters.

And was treated very well. Abundance all year round Housing project located on the water. And among trees in a natural setting that is seen in this popular tourist destination. Those who come to experience the impressive nature.

The concept of serenity and relaxation. And to experience the fresh air in the timber. Walking River or cycling through hilly orchards, rice paddies and pineapple plantations. Or Canoeing the Green River. Enjoy watching the wild life of the project.

VanaVarin Resort (Hua Hin) is located at Tubtai. Rural road 1004 on the line, Nongkhon - Pranburi. Opposite Wat Pha offensive scout Market, only 8 kilometers away can drive into town, easily accessible in several directions. The bypass road from the intersection Huay Mongkol Temple in Hua Hin. And the path through the Na Or Soi 70

Although the resort is not on the beach. However, it is not much beach. He can drive to the seaside bridge just 15-20 minutes and can go to tourist attractions. Hua Hin is conveniently The resort offers a shuttle service - delivery. Reserved for customers who want to avoid the traffic of town.

Supalai Resort offers 3 different types of "body art, the Underground" 12 after "Wooden" 5 units and rooms "Pool Villa" contemporary mood.

There are sculptures, both internal and external to the artistic temperament to guests. House of art, it can stay in the soil to absorb the powers of the earth, for the prosperity of life. Each has large spacious home on privacy. Families comfortably There are things amenities

The free-form pool is surrounded by a big group. The pool is located in a beautiful wooded setting. The large yard is ideal for home evening groups.

For a restaurant here serves to highlight Thailand and Western tastes clean and healthy. By cooking the vegetables with a focus on projects and non-toxic material. It also offers a seminar for 100 people.

Tourists who want to find peace elusive amidst fresh in town. Try to experience the natural environment that is unprecedented in Hua Hin Vana Varin Resort (Hua Hin), because this is truly an answer of peace.

For more information on Hua Hin Resort Hua Hin Tel. 08 3332 2345 Fax: 0 2731 6844 Email For more detailed information on the Website. and

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