10 Foods to Try in Thailand

If you are considering where to go on your next holiday, have you considered Thailand? Thailand is a truly wonderful place and a great destination for holidays – thousands of tourists go there each year to experience the sights, sounds and culture of Thailand, including the food. You’d be entering Thailand usually by plane and you will start your travels from there like Bangkok to Pattaya for example via taxi and upon reaching the destination, you will be able to witness and enjoy the food and the floating market which is one of its famous attractions.

Thailand holidays are truly unforgettable, and are made even better by the huge range of different foods that are on offer. We have compiled a list for you of the top ten dishes that you absolutely have to try if you are considering Thailand holidays, so read and enjoy…

The first dish to try is simply stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts. While this may sound a little odd, it is an absolutely exquisite dish, one that you really have to try to see the difference. It may seem like a normal dish, but upon tasting it you will see it is far from it. The second to take a look at is fried spring roll. Again this may not seem exotic and foreign, but it makes for a great appetizer, one which can really whet your appetite for the meal to come, making for a delicious, non-spicy starter. Thirdly we have ‘Panaeng’, a meat dish in spicy coconut cream. This certainly is one of the more exotic and odd dishes to try, and even if it sounds a bit odd you certainly must taste it and see what you think, to really get the Thai culture.

The fourth dish to tantalize your taste buds with is a spicy papaya salad, or Som Tang, a Thai delicacy. Although maybe not designed for foreigners – it really is different to anything you’ve tried before – it is a Thai favorite and a must for experiencing Thailand. Fifth there is Moo Sa-Te, pork sticks that are grilled with Turmeric. Again this is different, but provides a wonderful taste that is different to anything else around. For number six and seven we have two variations on chicken soup – Tom Yam Gai and Tom Kha Kai. Although fairly similar in style and name, they both stand alone in their moreishness, making for a great main course or starter.

Green chicken curry comes in at number eight, another fabulous dish that has to be experienced to be believed. Simply take one taste and you will see what we mean, it truly is a wonderful experience. Pad Thai, or fried noodle, is another Thai delicacy, one that dates back hundreds of years, making for a wonderful dish to try when you are out in Thailand. It really is a great experience, and a testament to the overall skill of Thai chefs.

Finally we have Tom Yam Goong, spicy shrimp soup. If you are a fan of this type of thing then it is one of the best dishes you can try while out on your holiday, and is an absolute must. It is truly delicious, and will certainly be one of your most favorite dishes that you try all holiday, leaving you wanting more even after you return home.