Kohn Phangan

For those in whose vocabulary party and beach are a compound word, Hat Rin, the Sunset Beach, at Koh Phangan is guaranteed to make this linguistic feat a reality. Hat Rin is often referred to as the worlds best moon party spot. Beneath the full moon, the beach becomes a party land with guests decked out in neon body paint. Whether the moon is in the full, half, Rin, or black phase, from sunset to dawn, guests enjoy the signature beverage known as Red Bull Sangson, made from coke and Thai rum.

Though heavily damaged by the 2004 tsunami, locals and guests consider Maya Bay to have benefited from the storm because its sandy beach and emerald-green water are even better than before. Scenes from The Beach film were shot in Maya Bay. At neighboring Koh Chang beach, the sand is said to be soft as talcum powder. While moving and grooving at one of many night spots, one must sample Green Curry.

On the west coast of Thailand, Bophut Beach is a shopper’s paradise. Mainly operated by French expats, boutiques feature designer items alongside shops offering traditional Thai trinkets and souvenirs. Bophut Beach is a great spot for speedboat and deep-sea diving enthusiasts.…

Intricacies of Temples

Intricacies of Temples

The intricate wood carvings, the minute paintings, the vibrant and colourful look, the elaborate decorations yet the simplicity makes it one of the most revered shrines. Every year thousands of people, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists come here to see and experience these temples from far and wide places. It is nothing less than a pilgrimage to them.

These temples play a very important role in the life of the Thais. It shapes up their religious and social life. It is their medium to connect to God and protect themselves from the misery of this world. These temples are run and maintained by monks who are highly respected in the Thai society. These monks give up the material world and surrender themselves to the service of god, living life in the simplest way and spreading the message of God. They teach us the virtues of simplicity and honesty. They show us how we can discard all the material greed and live life in the most simplest and fulfilling way.

The temples they live in spread the same message. The spiritual and sacred environment of the temples instils in us a deep sense of gratitude and devotion. The aesthetic beauty of these temples pleases our eyes, the sanctity cleanses our soul and the purity energises us to discard our sinful ways and devote ourselves to spreading the values of love and care wherever we go. The peace and harmony that you experience has no comparison and cannot be bought with any amount of money.…

Why wait until the last minute to book your ski holiday

When it comes to finding a great deal on your ski trip, your best bet is to hang on till the last minute before booking. Adventurers will be particularly attracted to this way of booking, as what better way to experience ultimate spontaneity than to wait until the final moment to book your holiday. The discounts are most likely to be at their greatest if you hold out till the last minute to book your ski trip. After all, unsold seats on planes and empty hotel rooms need to be filled, and operators will often reduce their prices in an attempt to do this. Unquestionably, the last minute strategy will appeal the most to those who are not tied down by family or work commitments which force them to book their holidays far in advance. Excellent discounts and deals are not the only rewards of booking last minute.

Acting on impulse
Youve just realised that you have some unanticipated free time, what better way to make use of this than by booking a ski trip at the drop of a hat? After all, the concept with last minute deals is that you should be able to book on the very morning or evening before you travel.

You could be on the slopes within hours!
The UKs close proximity to many of Europes best resorts like Val dIsere and Alpe dHuez means that budget ski holidays are simpler to pick up a last minute deal and be on the piste within a few hours.

Snowfall levels
Not all ski resorts are lucky enough to boast guaranteed snow, booking last minute will enable you to take a look at snow reports in the lead up to your vacation. This means that you can suss out precisely where the snow is falling at its best before picking a resort. You dont necessarily have to be acting on impulse for this to work, you can set your dates as far in advance as you want and then keep check of weather reports to see where conditions are good and match this with last minute deals.…

Barbados Coral Island

Barbados is a popular coral island located in the Caribbean Sea. There are many arguments regarding the origin of the name Barbados. Different people have different opinion regarding this. No concrete proof is there for anything yet. Barbados is always a great place to visit. However it is always better to plan your trip with your agent much before going there. If you do not make a proper plan then there is a possibility that you miss some of the nice places to visit there. You can opt for helicopter ride there; you will get to see the bird’s eye view of whole Barbados then. It will surely be a great experience for you to see the whole island from the helicopter. This is one of the exciting things the tourists do.

The sea shores are beautiful in Barbados. You can also visit the beautiful and serene countryside. There are many places to visit in Barbados. The beaches are exotic and stunning. You won’t get tired even after sitting there for long. There are cruise trips that you can opt for. This is a great option where you can enjoy with others. It is always great to enjoy your holidays. In the cruise trip you will enjoy with others while eating, drinking and dancing. The people of Barbados are full on fun and that is why you won’t really get bored at all.

Scuba diving is another attraction of Barbados. You must take part in this sport. There are tropical creatures under the sea and you will get a chance to explore that world. You need not worry as there will be experts to guide you. They will be with you so that you do not face any trouble. Overall Barbados trip will surely be a great trip for you. Thinking of traveling to Barbados, Don’t forget to look for cheap travel insurance as accidents may occur at any time.…

Don Hoi Lot

Don Hoi Lot

Don Hoi Lot is at Mae Klong River. An area wide 3 kilometers and long 5 kilometers resulting from sedimentation of sandy soil. The territory in Tambon Bang Chakreng Tambon Bangkaew Tambon Laem Yai Muang district Samut Songkhram Province. Don Hoi Lot is found a lot razor clams.

Don Hoi Lot is feature that is rare in Thailand which caused by deposition of sediments from the river and sediment from the sea at the Mae Klong River so caused delta was extended into the sea about 8 kilometers. Don Hoi Lot is natural mechanism protection filters sediment of river before heading out to the sea and was source of aquatic animals with variety. In particular Razor Clams is economic animals which generate income for the community.

Don Hoi Lot is one attractions of Samut Songkhram not far from Bangkok. You take the time to travel less than hour and the attracting tourists are Razor Clams with plenty!! When you come to Don Hoi Lot then you should worship Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udom Sak for fortune yourself and the next place is the restaurant. There are many delicious restaurants for you choose. The Also has shop sells local products such as dried seafood, fresh seafood, pimp eggs, grilled squid, razor clams, baked shell, crab, Fruits etc. When you eat stomach until filled on then you staked area to sit on mat and type nature. Some people choose boat trip to Don Hoi Lot. ( Costs : 1 Boat /300 Baht / 6 People ) Some families grill the seafood and sit eating together snugly. Good atmosphere outside the city which you cannot find anywhere. Its happy holiday really.

But this trip was not the end and has attractions is Amphawa Floating Market. Floating Market Marke is floating Market at Samut Songkhram. Amphawa Floating Market is jewel of Samut Songkhram which attracts Thailand tourists and foreign tourists. This market is open Friday Saturday and Sunday. Amphawa market has food wide variety for you choose. Moreover you experience the lives of Amphawa people and the natural life of community. And last in evening has activities to interested is firefly tour into shining beauty at night.…

Puttha Kitisirichai

Phra Mahathat Chedi Pakdeeprakad

Is pagoda and sanctuary which enshrined Buddha relics. Inside the sanctuary enshrined Kanchan Buddha statue. The sanctuary also has beautiful decorative murals. Krut villagers help build Phra Mahathat Chedi Pakdeeprakad for celebrating on the occasion of His Majestys Reign 50 years.

Phra Puttha Kitisirichai

Phra Puttha Kitisirichai or Luang Pho Yai is a Meditation Buddha statue create art of Gandhara. Krut villagers help build Phra Puttha Kitisirichai for celebrate on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen and you will not miss is worship Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udom Sak for fortune yourself. This shrine is revered of people in the neighborhood because villagers believe that Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udom Sak had come to stay in this area for anchored warships so has create anchor model in front of the palace.

In addition the hilltop Tongchai is popular tourists visiting watch the sunrise and sunset. When you finished this trip you can go to the Wat Tham Khiriwong, Huai Yang Waterfall, Talu Island and Kao Lan Waterfall etc.


Bus: You travel by bus lines Bangkok Saphan Noi and lighting at the entrance to Ban Krut. and then use motorcycle transport or minibus

Train: Get off at the Had Ban Krut station and then use motorcycvle transport

Car: From Highway NO. 4 (Petchkasem Road) about 382 kilometers. You turn left along the Petchkasem Road Ban Krut and cross train to about 9 kilometers. You will have reached Ban Krut Beach Road.…

Had Ban Krut Hamlet

Prachuap Khiri Khan The province has many Attractions and stories such as Hua Hin but today we not have to go to Hua Hin but we are going to Ban Krut. Ban Krut is located Thong Chai district Ampur Bang Saphan Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The beach is wide and beautiful and long about 12 kilometers parallel to the beach road.

Ban Krut reputed to be beautiful one of the beaches in Thailand. Originally Ban Krut is a lotbbergamot(Makrut). It is the source of Ban Krut. Had Ban Krut divided into 2 coast is north shore and south shore. The area around has resort are lined along street for serve tourists. In addition to fine white sand, bright indigo sea, peaceful under the shadow of coconut and beautiful scenery than Ban Krut has fishing community spread throughout Had Ban Krut.

Traditional lifestyle of fishermen are still find here such as coastal fishing, privatization dried seafood, catch jellyfish to send abroad. The Peak Thongchai look good feng shui so will create sacred place unto Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen which is Phra Mahathat Chedi Pakdeeprakad and Phra. …