Bua Tong field Flower fields

If you want to feel the cold wind in field of flowers that bloom are waiting for you to experience and view ensembles of the colorful plants. I will present at Bua Tong field. Bua Tong field at Moo 6, Tambon Mae U Kho Ampur Khun Yuam along route No. 108 (Mae Hong Son Khun Yuam) and here cold weather throughout the year.

On the way to Doi Mae U Kho you will find the villagers market. Most of the villagers are Mong. Mong has career is growing cabbage and tomatoes for sale. Bua Tong field is famous natural attractions of Mae Hong Son. Featured here are Mexican Sunflower Weed. This flowers originating in Central America and West Indieswhich this plants family well as sunflower and marigold and look similar to sunflower it sometimes called forest sunflowers.

Said that the Mexican Sunflower Weed seed was planted by missionaries to spread Christianity. Mexican Sunflower Weed is yellow flowers on the high mountain. Mexican Sunflower Weed that bloom from November to December. When these a lot of flowers bloom simultaneous making the entire mountain behind is glowing yellow. You cannot resist the beautiful that have to take pictures show to your friends. The terrain is a mountain complex you can see the most beautiful scenery.

In addition you can rent tent here overnight on hill. In the area set up tents approximately 100 units. You may be lucky to watch the folk music of the ethnic groups that create fun atmosphere special. You can contact directly :Tung Bua Tong Office or contact Ampur Khun Yuam Tel 0 5369 1108 and Mae Surin national park Tel 0 5306 1073. For the trip to experience the beauty of Bua Tong field : Along highway no. 108 to highway 201 separate highway no. 1263 about 12 km and then separate way Baannanging – Baanhaoha to 14 km or If you come from Ampur Macham Chiang Mai you came along highway 1263 (Mae Macham Khun Yuam) when junction to Baannanging – Baanhaoha instance is 76 km. and then split into 14 km.