Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping is every female’s favorite activity and what if she gets a chance to shop in Asia’s arcade paradise destination “Bangkok”. It is one of the best gifts for your sweetheart on your honeymoon. Planning for a honeymoon in this mesmerizing city which is abounding with energy, affluent culture and tradition adds a new angle … [Read more…]

Kohn Phangan

For those in whose vocabulary party and beach are a compound word, Hat Rin, the Sunset Beach, at Koh Phangan is guaranteed to make this linguistic feat a reality. Hat Rin is often referred to as the worlds best moon party spot. Beneath the full moon, the beach becomes a party land with guests decked … [Read more…]

Intricacies of Temples

Intricacies of Temples

The intricate wood carvings, the minute paintings, the vibrant and colourful look, the elaborate decorations yet the simplicity makes it one of the most revered shrines. Every year thousands of people, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists come here to see and experience these temples from far and wide places. It is nothing less than a pilgrimage … [Read more…]

Why wait until the last minute to book your ski holiday

When it comes to finding a great deal on your ski trip, your best bet is to hang on till the last minute before booking. Adventurers will be particularly attracted to this way of booking, as what better way to experience ultimate spontaneity than to wait until the final moment to book your holiday. The … [Read more…]

Puttha Kitisirichai

Phra Mahathat Chedi Pakdeeprakad Is pagoda and sanctuary which enshrined Buddha relics. Inside the sanctuary enshrined Kanchan Buddha statue. The sanctuary also has beautiful decorative murals. Krut villagers help build Phra Mahathat Chedi Pakdeeprakad for celebrating on the occasion of His Majestys Reign 50 years. Phra Puttha Kitisirichai Phra Puttha Kitisirichai or Luang Pho Yai … [Read more…]