Don Hoi Lot

Don Hoi Lot is at Mae Klong River. An area wide 3 kilometers and long 5 kilometers resulting from sedimentation of sandy soil. The territory in Tambon Bang Chakreng Tambon Bangkaew Tambon Laem Yai Muang district Samut Songkhram Province. Don Hoi Lot is found a lot razor clams.

Don Hoi Lot is feature that is rare in Thailand which caused by deposition of sediments from the river and sediment from the sea at the Mae Klong River so caused delta was extended into the sea about 8 kilometers. Don Hoi Lot is natural mechanism protection filters sediment of river before heading out to the sea and was source of aquatic animals with variety. In particular Razor Clams is economic animals which generate income for the community.

Don Hoi Lot is one attractions of Samut Songkhram not far from Bangkok. You take the time to travel less than hour and the attracting tourists are Razor Clams with plenty!! When you come to Don Hoi Lot then you should worship Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udom Sak for fortune yourself and the next place is the restaurant. There are many delicious restaurants for you choose. The Also has shop sells local products such as dried seafood, fresh seafood, pimp eggs, grilled squid, razor clams, baked shell, crab, Fruits etc. When you eat stomach until filled on then you staked area to sit on mat and type nature. Some people choose boat trip to Don Hoi Lot. ( Costs : 1 Boat /300 Baht / 6 People ) Some families grill the seafood and sit eating together snugly. Good atmosphere outside the city which you cannot find anywhere. Its happy holiday really.

But this trip was not the end and has attractions is Amphawa Floating Market. Floating Market Marke is floating Market at Samut Songkhram. Amphawa Floating Market is jewel of Samut Songkhram which attracts Thailand tourists and foreign tourists. This market is open Friday Saturday and Sunday. Amphawa market has food wide variety for you choose. Moreover you experience the lives of Amphawa people and the natural life of community. And last in evening has activities to interested is firefly tour into shining beauty at night.