Kohn Phangan

For those in whose vocabulary party and beach are a compound word, Hat Rin, the Sunset Beach, at Koh Phangan is guaranteed to make this linguistic feat a reality. Hat Rin is often referred to as the worlds best moon party spot. Beneath the full moon, the beach becomes a party land with guests decked out in neon body paint. Whether the moon is in the full, half, Rin, or black phase, from sunset to dawn, guests enjoy the signature beverage known as Red Bull Sangson, made from coke and Thai rum.

Though heavily damaged by the 2004 tsunami, locals and guests consider Maya Bay to have benefited from the storm because its sandy beach and emerald-green water are even better than before. Scenes from The Beach film were shot in Maya Bay. At neighboring Koh Chang beach, the sand is said to be soft as talcum powder. While moving and grooving at one of many night spots, one must sample Green Curry.

On the west coast of Thailand, Bophut Beach is a shopper’s paradise. Mainly operated by French expats, boutiques feature designer items alongside shops offering traditional Thai trinkets and souvenirs. Bophut Beach is a great spot for speedboat and deep-sea diving enthusiasts.