Why wait until the last minute to book your ski holiday

When it comes to finding a great deal on your ski trip, your best bet is to hang on till the last minute before booking. Adventurers will be particularly attracted to this way of booking, as what better way to experience ultimate spontaneity than to wait until the final moment to book your holiday. The discounts are most likely to be at their greatest if you hold out till the last minute to book your ski trip. After all, unsold seats on planes and empty hotel rooms need to be filled, and operators will often reduce their prices in an attempt to do this. Unquestionably, the last minute strategy will appeal the most to those who are not tied down by family or work commitments which force them to book their holidays far in advance. Excellent discounts and deals are not the only rewards of booking last minute.

Acting on impulse
Youve just realised that you have some unanticipated free time, what better way to make use of this than by booking a ski trip at the drop of a hat? After all, the concept with last minute deals is that you should be able to book on the very morning or evening before you travel.

You could be on the slopes within hours!
The UKs close proximity to many of Europes best resorts like Val dIsere and Alpe dHuez means that budget ski holidays are simpler to pick up a last minute deal and be on the piste within a few hours.

Snowfall levels
Not all ski resorts are lucky enough to boast guaranteed snow, booking last minute will enable you to take a look at snow reports in the lead up to your vacation. This means that you can suss out precisely where the snow is falling at its best before picking a resort. You dont necessarily have to be acting on impulse for this to work, you can set your dates as far in advance as you want and then keep check of weather reports to see where conditions are good and match this with last minute deals.