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   Tamnanpar Resort Rayong

Green Resort A warm, natural scent .. Peace. Well as
Surrounded by the sounds of birds, waterfalls, lush plants and trees.
It offers a warm family atmosphere .... you feel for those who like simple, natural life.
Meaningful holiday with you and your family.

The above is not an identity.
Samed well.

The rooms have been updated and well maintained. Decorated with a large solid wood gives a feeling of an essentially mythical.

The water falls but the design is a unique-looking Nazionale knew immediately that this legendary wild night.

Another view of the water park With a view Surrounded by mountains

Courtyard banquet, surrounded by nature. Pure and decorated pairotekonem eyes.

Themed challenging fitness levels. Cowboy bars and activities

The healthy range for you to savor the taste.., Fresh ... clean ..
Prepared with the chef's mind indulge in the atmosphere ..... talented and plantations.
Surrounded by .. Clear water under natural shade.

The area is surrounded by mature trees that have been parental care. An increase I was a fresh look to the surrounding.

The reception of contemporary accommodation decorated with tree roots. The markings are amazing.

Every time you plan for the holidays. Impress for a special day
Restaurants nature Ready to welcome you and your family with an extensive menu.
Enjoy the waterfall Birds sing the sound of water flowing rapids.
I was single, "Wild Chronicles" as well as you will get more than you think.

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